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China-Britain Airline

Jinyang City's Sino-British special line utilizes Hong Kong's high-quality flight resources and abundant overseas resources to provide cross-border B2C e-commerce sellers based on the British market to sell high-value products and tailor-made high-quality and efficient special-line logistics services. The UK special line is a China direct shipping service that is comparable to the timeliness of local shipments from overseas warehouses. General cargo and sensitive goods can be sent freely. The service delivery area covers the whole of the UK, with fast timeliness, affordable prices and convenient customs clearance. It can help cross-border sellers to give great assistance in new product development, overseas warehouse shortages and replenishment, reducing inventory backlogs, and creating explosive products.  View details >>>

China-Europe Air Line

Jinyang City China-Europe special line service is a high-quality and efficient logistics service tailored for cross-border e-commerce sellers to sell higher-value products based on the European market. Amazon warehousing is free of appointments, providing customers with services across Canada, accepting formal customs declarations and informal customs declarations and tax package services, eliminating the trouble of Canadian importers. Customers can track the entire logistics information on the Golden Goat website, and they can access Amazon ( FBA) cargo, commercial express, and private. View details >>>

China-Canada Airline

Jinyang City Canada Special Line adopts the double tax package method to solve the customs clearance problems of the destination for the majority of e-commerce customers, and can handle the relevant qualifications of Canadian importers on behalf of the customers. It can provide one-stop services such as warehousing, return, packing, and distribution in Canada. The final journey of the China-Canada special line is delivered by the local UPS. Amazon provides customers with services throughout Canada, accepts formal customs declaration and informal customs declaration, and saves the trouble of Canadian importers. Customers can visit the Golden Goat City. The website tracks the entire logistics information, and can receive Amazon (FBA) goods, commercial express, and private parcels. View details >>>

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