Global cosmetics line and e-cigarette line
China US Air Force Special Line

The China US Air dispatch special line focuses on cosmetics and general cargo special line channels. It flies directly to Los Angeles and New York. The double clearing tax package is delivered to the door. FedEx sends it locally, with a time limit of 4-8 days.

China UK Air Force Special Line

Hong Kong flies directly to London, double clearing tax is guaranteed to the door, DPD sends it locally, and the time limit is 4-8 days. It is a high-quality and efficient special line logistics service tailored for cross-border B2C e-commerce sellers to sell high-value goods based on the UK market.

China Europe air dispatch special line

Taking advantage of Hong Kong's sufficient air transport resources and Belgium's customs clearance advantages, the two are combined to create a cross-border e-commerce special line service with fast timeliness and strong customs clearance, double clearing and tax guarantee. The final journey is sent by local ups and signed in within 4-8 days. It provides customers with EU wide services with guaranteed services and higher security.

China Canada Air dispatch special line

We can solve the customs clearance problems of destination for the majority of e-commerce customers by means of double clearing and tax guarantee, handle the relevant qualifications of Canadian importers for customers, and provide one-stop services such as Canadian warehousing, return, packaging and distribution.

American packet line, British packet line

The small package special line meets the growing demand for online logistics services and provides a faster and more convenient logistics ordering experience. Hong Kong flies directly to Los Angeles, New York and London, with double tax clearance and timeliness guarantee of signing in within 10 days.

Global cosmetics line and e-cigarette line

Layout the three-dimensional ecological service system of "enterprise + Internet of things + big logistics + cross-border technology" from an international perspective, connect the background (API) data interfaces of Alibaba, Dunhuang, Amazon, eBay and other global mainstream e-commerce platforms, build a multi win ecological Internet cross-border e-commerce logistics platform system, and let cross-border E-commerce logistics enter the era of global urbanization.

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