Corporate culture

1、Enterprise interpretation
Interpretation: gold, refers to respect, precious, a promise of thousands of gold (to others faithful reputation); Sheep, in the ancient concept, sheep is a symbol of beauty and good, with the symbolic meaning of benevolence, justice, fairness, kindness and harmony; City, homophonic "Cheng", on behalf of the company to do integrity services, create high-end quality, build a good reputation. The company always takes "honesty first, honesty first" as the service principle of the company's sustainable development, establishes cross regional network service advantages, and works with many partners to build a smart supply chain value network covering logistics, e-commerce, finance, data, technology, etc., so as to help the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain reduce supply chain costs and improve circulation efficiency, Realize a new development pattern of mutual benefit, win-win and sharing, and promote the development of the whole cross-border e-commerce logistics industry.
At the same time, jinyangcheng, originated in Guangzhou, has formed a cross-border e-commerce logistics development pattern that leads South China, radiates the whole country and faces the world. It is committed to a unique development road serving all over the world and providing simpler and more efficient one-stop services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises and brand manufacturers.
2、Status of Jinyang City
After more than 10 years of development, jinyangcheng group has nearly 400 employees, more than 30000 partners, annual sales of nearly 1 billion, business across more than 200 countries and more than 100 international ports and airports, and invested in the construction of (Airport No.1) science and technology-based cross-border e-commerce logistics industrial park, covering an area of 18000 square meters, and equipped with intelligent X-ray security inspection team, intelligent logistics weighing, intelligent logistics equipment, etc Sorting management system, intelligent storage system, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, annual cargo throughput up to 30000 tons, service capacity covering South China, East China, North China and parts of Southwest China, to provide domestic first-class efficiency priority, excellent user experience of cross-border logistics services, become the pioneer of China's cross-border logistics efficiency change.
3、Vision of Jinyang City
Become the world's leading digital aviation cross-border logistics enterprise.

4、Mission of Jinyang City
Make cross-border logistics more efficient and Global trade easier.

5、Business philosophy of jinyangcheng
Provide high quality service for customers.
Create considerable benefits for shareholders.
Provide happiness platform for employees.
Strive for social progress.
To contribute to human civilization.

6、Values of Jinyang City
Co creation: CO creation and co innovation.
Advance together: make progress together and go to adversity together.
Win win: work together, win win.
Sharing: sharing achievements and happiness.

7、Cultural concept of Jinyang City
Behavior concept: coordination and order, execution is king.
Management philosophy: manage the enterprise according to the "law" and transform people with "culture".
Learning philosophy: learning for application, unity of knowledge and practice.
Risk concept: strict procedure and scientific prevention.
Talent concept: strengthen the individual, unite the team.

8、Slogan of Jinyang City
Jinyang Kaitai, the city is connected to the world.
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