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China-Britain Airline
Jinyang City's Sino-British special line utilizes Hong Kong's high-quality flight resources and abundant overseas resources to provide cross-border B2C e-commerce sellers based on the British market to sell high-value products and tailor-made high-quality and efficient special-line logistics services. The UK special line is a China direct shipping service that is comparable to the timeliness of local shipments from overseas warehouses. General cargo and sensitive goods can be sent freely. The service delivery area covers the whole of the UK, with fast timeliness, affordable prices and convenient customs clearance. It can help cross-border sellers to give great assistance in new product development, overseas warehouse shortages and replenishment, reducing inventory backlogs, and creating explosive products.
Mode of transport

The British special line flies directly to London, with double tax payment and tax to the door, and local delivery is completed by the last DPD. Three regular flights per week, direct flights from Hong Kong to London!


Customs clearance in London, UK, double-clearing tax package, statute of limitations 4-8 days for receipt.

①Worry-free flights: There are three fixed flights a week, with direct flights to London, England on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
②Worry-free customs declaration: Customs declaration with customer documents is acceptable for export tax rebate.
③Position worry-free: package board and warehouse, stable position, increase board and warehouse in peak season, stable price.
④Worry-free customs clearance: senior foreign customs declaration cooperation, implementation of pre-clearance strategy, fast delivery of goods on arrival of flights.
⑤Worry-free warehousing: Our company provides local importers, double-clearing tax, and DPD warehousing without appointment.
⑥Timeliness worry-free: 3-5 days for picking up the flight, 4-8 days for signing.


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