China Europe air dispatch special line
China-Europe Air Line
Jinyang City China-Europe special line service is a high-quality and efficient logistics service tailored for cross-border e-commerce sellers to sell higher-value products based on the European market. Amazon warehousing is free of appointments, providing customers with services across Canada, accepting formal customs declarations and informal customs declarations and tax package services, eliminating the trouble of Canadian importers. Customers can track the entire logistics information on the Golden Goat website, and they can access Amazon ( FBA) cargo, commercial express, and private.
Mode of transport

Double clearing tax package, the final journey will be delivered by local UPS


4-8 days for receipt

The service utilizes Hong Kong's abundant air transportation resources and the advantages of Belgium's customs clearance, combining the two to create a cross-border e-commerce dedicated line service with fast timeliness and strong customs clearance, which is especially suitable for transporting high-value and time-sensitive goods. Guaranteed service, higher security, and good cost performance are another guarantee option for customers to deliver European parcels.

Service hotline:020-29807008
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