China Canada Air dispatch special line
China-Canada Line
Jinyang City Canada Special Line adopts the double tax package method to solve the customs clearance problems of the destination for the majority of e-commerce customers, and can handle the relevant qualifications of Canadian importers on behalf of the customers. It can provide one-stop services such as warehousing, return, packing, and distribution in Canada. The final journey of the China-Canada special line is delivered by the local UPS. Amazon provides customers with services throughout Canada, accepts formal customs declaration and informal customs declaration, and saves the trouble of Canadian importers. Customers can visit the Golden Goat City. The website tracks the entire logistics information, and can receive Amazon (FBA) goods, commercial express, and private parcels.
Canadian special line advantage

①Worry-free flights: There are three fixed flights a week, with direct flights to Toronto, Canada on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
②Worry-free customs declaration: Customs declaration with customer documents is acceptable for export tax rebate.
③Position worry-free: package board and warehouse, stable position, increase board and warehouse in peak season, stable price.
④Worry-free customs clearance: senior foreign customs declaration cooperation, implementation of pre-clearance strategy, fast delivery and customs clearance on flights landing.
⑤Worry-free warehousing: Our company provides local importers, double-clearing tax, and UPS warehousing without appointment.
⑥Timeliness worry-free: 5-7 days for pick-up after flight departure, 8-10 days for receipt.

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